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Sustainability management and sustainable investments

An integral alignment of Companies and capital investments

- minimises risks,
- opens opportunities and
- serves a liveable society and nature.


Thanks to wide-ranging experiences, deep knowledge and an international horizon, I am delighted to help you with:

Journalistic contributions on sustainable economic activity and responsible investments in daily and weekly newspapers, online-media, specialised journals as well as book publications.

Presentations during public or closed events, workshops and stakeholder-dialogues to discuss the different facings of sustainability in theory and practice as well as to elaborate new sustainability strategies and ways to realise them in companies and financial institutions.

Keynote-presentations as an independent expert during events and in councils or juries.

• in German, English, French or Dutch.

„Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not a supplemental activity but a way to manage the core business: socially and environmentally responsible and economically successful. The point is not what to do with the profit but how to achieve turnover and profit. Similarly it is a key point of investor's fiduciary duty to take into account environmental, social and governance risks and performances when investing. This is not only a matter of reputation and risk-management.“

CSR und Finance